Vast Overland - Houston Texas


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After years of building my own vans out I decided to open a small shop. Vast Overland will be dedicated to building vans that can get off grid and stay off grid for an extended period of time. We will be based in Houston, TX and will do some custom builds but our focus will be on designing a branded Sprinter based overland vehicle. If you are looking for a Sprinter van conversion we are located in Houston, TX.

Currently our shop is set to open in January of 2021

Yesterday moved in a metal brake, 12” metal shear and drill press. Today I plan to bring in a metal fab table to mount the shear properly.


Moved in a metal fab table and attached the metal shear, belt/disc sander and a vise to it. I will see if I like the location on the table before permanently bolting to the table. Ordered up some different thickness aluminum sheets to fabricate some mounts I am going to build under the seat of a van build I am working on.