2020 144 Sprinter Build - Tiffany


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We recently received a brand new 2020 Sprinter 144 from Georgia into our shop for a full build. Tiny Tiff is a beautiful graphite grey 144 that will have a full 12v Nomadic Cooling AC system with lithium battery system.

Few shots of the van floor after removing the stock floor. We will be using an insulation kit offered by impact products but first we need to cover floor in killmat.

Next we added the minicell between the ridges of the van floor.


Next the 3M TAI insulation is added.


Finally the last layer of Minicell is added before reinstalling the factory floor. The finally floor fasteners will not be fully tightened until we put the flooring down.


Stock floor reinstalled, next we will move onto the window additions..

For this build we are installing a T-vent style vent window. On stock Sprinter cargo vans without a window on the slider door there is a blind spot so this really helps when driving. A big factor when camping is having that bit of extra air flow by opening the vent on the window.
vast_overland May 06, 2 51 37 PM.jpg
vast_overland May 06, 2 51 43 PM.jpg

We start by cutting the area for the window and then trimming any areas that are not smooth.

vast_overland May 07, 9 34 45 AM.jpg

The window simply clamps together and has a very thick gasket for a nice waterproof seal.
vast_overland May 07, 12 08 10 PM.jpg
vast_overland May 07, 12 08 18 PM.jpg

The vent also has a nice little screen to keep bugs out when opened.

vast_overland May 07, 12 08 26 PM.jpg
vast_overland May 07, 12 09 03 PM.jpg
Next we need to add the rooftop Maxx Air fan 7500 Deluxe and Nomadic 3000 AC unit. We prep to cut the hole for the fan to be located as far forward as possible on the van.
vast_overland May 19, 1 57 49 PM.jpg

We then bond and lightly clamp the rooftop rib adapter in place.
vast_overland May 20, 11 48 22 AM.jpg

Next we predrill the mounting holes and screw in the fan assembly before applying the 3M Scotch 4411 Extreme Sealing Tape for an extra seal.

vast_overland May 20, 9 38 43 AM.jpg

No leaks is the goal always!
vast_overland May 20, 10 03 24 AM.jpg

Fan looking good now so we can move onto the AC unit install.

vast_overland May 20, 10 36 46 AM.jpg
We cut another hole and we set the unit into place.
vast_overland May 27, 9 33 22 AM.jpg

You will notice the mattress flipped upside down lol

vast_overland May 20, 12 50 51 PM.jpg
Next up we started the fabrication for the hot water heater and 32 gallon water storage tank. This will serve as a bench as well so as always we will over-build it lol. We are fortunate enough to do all the aluminum welding in house.

vast_overland May 20, 2 04 58 PM.jpg
vast_overland May 20, 3 40 58 PM.jpg
vast_overland May 20, 2 48 10 PM.jpg
vast_overland Jun 03, 3 24 51 PM.jpg
vast_overland Jun 07, 3 31 35 PM.jpg
vast_overland Jun 04, 9 58 59 AM.jpg
vast_overland Jun 04, 9 58 32 AM.jpg
After a few design changes with client, we finish the aluminum framing for the build.

Photo Nov 24, 4 33 14 PM.jpg

Next we work on the interior wall paneling and other ceiling woodwork for the specially requested one off ceiling.

Photo Sep 20, 8 35 00 AM.jpg

Wiring begins with all of the major AC and DC wiring fed to the area of the electrical module.

Our client requested pod lighting and cameras so that is added.