REI Sahara Convertible Pants


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In 2012 I purchased two pairs of these convertible pants that allow you to zip off the legs. Back when I first got them they used a snap button and they were super comfortable for a big guy like me. In 2013 I had to pack light for a solo trip around the world so I wore one pair and packed the other. The pants were on every level what I needed. They can be washed in a sink and dry really fast. When I purchased them they were over $60 a pair. The style has changed a bit since 2012 lol and I am really into buying exactly what I like so I found out that every so often a used or brand new pair with tags still on them come up for sale on ebay. I have purchased them for as little as $24 a pair brand new. I now have about 6 pairs in different colors in rotation and I also have two pairs with tags still on them in a drawer.


My wife gets embarrassed because I wear them all the time.


The super comfy classic green pairs are my favorite. We recently had an incident that they split after 8 years on the rear. I paid a local seamstress to fix them and they are good as new.


The light grey are a favorite when I really need to jazz up my look.


Perfect for every occasion lol!


I even told one of my buddies about them and he has been wearing them all the time too on some of our camping trips.


New pairs bought off ebay still has tags and they are the older style with the snap buttons at the waist.


The right pockets have a small pockets with a tiny zipper. Perfect for your keys or cash when you are out and about.